Sunday, December 27, 2009

Relief Society Message

As many of you may recall from this year's General Relief Society meeting, Sister Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society president, announced some changes to our meetings. What was formerly known as Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment (more formerly known as Homemaking Meeting) will now be known as Relief Society Meetings. Along with this change comes a new challenge. Sister Beck reminded us of the purpose of Relief Society and then asked us to prayerfully and carefully plan meetings that would appropriately meet the needs of the sisters. The purpose of Relief Society is to:

  1. Increase faith and righteousness
  2. Strengthen families and homes
  3. Serve the Lord and His children

We as sisters were invited to a planning meeting to better understand the needs of the sisters. Those that were able to attend gave us wonderful ideas for meetings for the next year. Our plan for 2010 is to meet monthly, in sisters' homes where possible, to receive instruction, serve one another, and to strengthen each other.

In order to meet the needs of more sisters, we will be addressing two topics during each meeting. A complete list and calendar for these meetings will be distributed in January. Some of the ideas were gardening, interior design, crafts, photography, music, cultures, and living a healthy lifestyle. Please join us next year as we strive to strengthen our bond as sisters in Zion.

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